Organic Certified Sourdough Bread Starter

Organic Certified Sourdough Bread Starter

Organic Certified Sourdough Bread Starter

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Organic Certified Authentic Sourdough Bread Starter 80g (to make sourdough bread)

Authentic sourdough bread can only be made by using a real sourdough starter and not from any kind of packet or powder!

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100% Natural Wild Yeast Sourdough Starter.
This sourdough starter has been crafted using only the best organic flours and has consistently produced great tasting, fabulously oven-sprung bread.
You will receive enough starter to start baking immediately and store enough to feed and use in all your future sourdough recipes.
Perfect for both the novice and experienced sourdough baker!
Comes with full printed instructions showing you how to care of your starter.

It is very important to note that this sourdough is fed twice a day and is therefore very active and full of wild yeast. It has a pleasant sweet-sour taste and smell. It is stored and handled hygienically to ensure that it reaches you in peak condition.

For home use you should keep it in the fridge and feed it only once a week. It is remarkably resilient and will live forever if taken care of properly.

We pride ourselves on selling cultures that have been grown with love, care and attention by professionals with all safety standards in place.

Have questions about our Cultures? See our "How To" guides for more detailed information.

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