Organic Certified Kombucha SCOBY

Organic Certified Kombucha SCOBY

Organic Certified Kombucha SCOBY

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Organic Certified Kombucha SCOBY (to make kombucha)

Authentic kombucha can only be made by using a real kombucha scoby and not from any kind of packet or powder!

Our SCOBYs are Extremely Potent and are grown with the finest ORGANIC ingredients...

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Kombucha SCOBY complete with small amount of starter tea and printed instructions.
These SCOBYs are made with top quality organic tea and certified organic cane sugar.
Minimum of six weeks growth so just right for brewing as not too old.
After many years of culturing and dealing with different cultures we have selected the best possible strain which we can offer you here.
These are premium and unique SCOBYs which will produce lovely fruity brew. You won’t get this strain from any other supplier.
Your Kombucha Mother Starter SCOBY with come with liquid starter and full instructions...

Our strains are superior and provide a light and tasty Kombucha which you can enjoy at home. We grow our SCOBYs using certified organic cane sugar and organic unbleached green tea from Clipper.

We pride ourselves on selling cultures that have been grown with love, care and attention by professionals with all safety standards in place.

Have questions about our Cultures? See our "How To" guides for more detailed information.

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