About Us

We are a family run business and we started our journey 7 years ago while taking a course on food preservation and we quickly realized then that we shared an obsessive interest in fermentation.

We provide top quality starter cultures for home production. Our aim is to enable people to improve their own health while saving them money.

After many years of culturing and dealing with different strains of cultures we have selected the best possible strains available. These are premium and unique strains which you won’t get from any other supplier. Our strains are superior and provide a light and tasty Kefir/Kombucha which you can enjoy at home.

We are excited about the increasing popularity of culturing and want to provide easy access to the tools needed for both newcomers and experts.

So, why buy from us??

1. We pride ourselves on selling cultures that have been grown with love, care and attention by professionals with all safety standards in place.
2. There are no fussy chemicals, just naturally healthy cultures as they should be.
3. Our cultures are live, they do not need re-hydrating.
4. Our cultures are reusable – use again and again.
5. Over time, your cultures will grow and multiply.
6. All orders come complete with full step by step instructions.

    For many years we have provided live cultures to happy customers all over the world. We pride ourselves on being one of the biggest and most respected suppliers of live cultures in Europe with a reputation of supplying only the very best quality cultures available.

    While we are from Ireland, we know that we have many kindred spirits worldwide.