How to Make Kombucha

Note: If you decide not to brew you Kombucha Scoby upon arrival, simply place it in the fridge until you’re ready.

You will need the following:

Kombucha starter (SCOBY)
1l Glass Jar
Coffee filter or muslin cloth to cover the jar
Rubber band to secure cover in place
Plastic or Wooden Spoon
1/4 cup of sugar (evaporated cane sugar works best but granulated also works well)
750ml – 950ml of water (non-chlorinated & non-fluoridated is best)
3 tea bags (black tea is best)
Kombucha starter tea (this will be included in your starter pack)


1. Heat water to almost boiling. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved, now add the tea bags and allow to steep for approx 1hr. Wait until it cools to room temperature then remove the tea bags. Do not add the Scoby to hot tea.

2. Add the Kombucha SCOBY and Kombucha starter liquid to the now cooled sweet tea. Cover the jar with paper towel/coffee filter or similar. Avoid using an air tight lid as the Kombucha needs to breathe but do you a breathable cover as we want to keep out contaminants.

3. Allow to culture at room temperature 20 – 26°C is perfect. Store out of direct sunlight in a draft free area where your Kombucha won’t be disturbed. You will shortly see another Scoby beginning to form on the top of the jar. This can take approx 7 days. Feel free to taste the Kombucha at this point to see if it’s to your liking. The longer you leave it ferment produces a more sour Kombucha and shorter times will produce a sweeter Kombucha so experiment until you are satisfied with the taste.

Once the first batch is complete you can move up to a larger container. At this point you will have more starter liquid (the finished Kombucha) and a new Scoby starter to work with. Just ensure you use the same ratios: 1/4 cup sugar, 3 tea bags and 1/4 cup of starter liquid (the finished Kombucha) per 1 Litre.

As with all cultures always start with a small amount each day (1-2 tablespoons max) and work your way up as your body adjusts to the beneficial bacteria.